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Globalisation has meant that Australia has lost all or most of the following industries: automotive manufacture, clothing, footwear, light and heavy manufacturing, steel production, petrol refining, medical PPE, and many more. So which industry is next? Most furniture purchased in Australia is already manufactured overseas and transported here by sea. Globalisation has seen skills and jobs disappear from our shores. Where are the apprenticeships for young Australians going to come from? Australian-made means we maintain a skilled workforce with jobs for Australians. Proud Furniture is an Australian-owned and operated business based in Silverwater, NSW, delivering all over Sydney and Australia. All our products are proudly Australian Made.
We are passionate about providing quality Australian-made furniture for our customers at affordable prices. Other suppliers reliance on overseas manufacturing has been fully exposed recently with shortages and unavailability of vital supplies. At Proud Furniture, everything is manufactured in Sydney, so you can still do your bit for Australian skills and jobs by buying Australian-made furniture. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us for your furniture needs:
High Quality Purely Australian
Our showroom is based in Silverwater and specialises in supplying unique, high-quality furniture to customers around Sydney and Australia. You may wonder why go for locally-made products? For starters, you can save money on shipping costs by buying locally instead of shipping your furniture from overseas. You will avoid paying import duties and taxes that may be applied to your shipment. Other than the obvious that we have mentioned before, you will support all the local businesses from which we source our raw materials. We offer a wide range of Australian-made furniture, from luxury leather sofas, recliners, sofabeds, dining chairs etc, and Australian-made lounges.

Range of Styles to Choose from - Our Australian-Made Sofas in Sydney

Some people prefer small and compact sofas, while others like them oversized and roomy. Some people enjoy a more traditional style, while others prefer a more contemporary design. But oftentimes, it isn’t easy to find a shop that can supply you with custom Australian-made sofas at competitive pricing. Proud Furniture has an extensive range of styles to choose from. At our showroom, you’ll find great fabric and leather options to find the perfect sofa for your home. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and place your order for an Australian-made leather sofa today. We offer custom Australian-made sofas built to last and give you years of use at a competitive price. Call us now!

Friendly & Highly Experienced Staff

We have friendly staff on hand who will help guide you through the process of ordering your new furniture. You can always contact us if there's anything else we can do to help. Our staff bring to life various styles of customised furniture according to the client's wishes. They always strive to provide you with the best Australian-made furniture available.


We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality products at competitive prices and providing exceptional customer service. You can build your customised furniture solution with many options available by choosing the right colour and size for your space.

Proud Furniture Guarantees Quality & Durability

When you have furniture made to order by Proud Furniture, you know that it's built to last. This is because the item is made with high-quality materials from around Australia and experienced crafstmen. Our purely Australian-made furniture and lounges would not only stand the test of time but are also sure to bring compliments from your guests!

Extended Warranty & Specialised Care Programs

While investing in Australian-made furniture, you want to ensure that you make a good investment. You want to make sure the items you buy are worth the money spent. At Proud Furniture, be it Australian-made lounges, our experts will ensure that it is precisely how you envisioned it to match your taste and style. That's why we offer an extended warranty on fabric and leather sofas. When you get Australian-made furniture from us, we ensure that we offer the best warranties in the furniture industry.
The warranty details are as follows:
  • Seating foam minimum 10 years with many warranted for the lifetime of the furniture.
  • Sofa bed mechanisms one year.
  • Recliner mechanisms and triggers one year.
  • Lift chair and electric recliner mechanisms one year.
  • Frame 10 years.
  • Stitching 10 years.
  • Seat webbing 10 years.
To offer you the best services, we also provide a Care Program. Wondering what makes this care program special? Experts design our care programs to keep your furniture in top condition throughout its lifetime.

Contact Our Furniture Store

Our delivery people can ship your new furniture anywhere in Australia! So if you are looking for a furniture store specialising in Australian-made furniture, then look no further. Contact Proud Furniture store today, and our experts would be happy to answer all your queries regarding our items and ranges available for customisation according to your needs! You can reach us at 02 9648 0916 or 1300 800 600 For email inquiries, write to We are eagerly awaiting to hear from you!
Get In Touch With Proud Furniture
Your search for the best quality made-to-order furniture ends with us. Contact Proud Furniture store today, and our experts would be happy to answer your queries regarding all our items and ranges available for customisation according to your needs! You can reach us at (02) 9648 0916 or 1300 800 600 .You can also email: We are eagerly awaiting to hear from you!
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