"Furniture is only as good as its design, the materials use to make it and the skills and experience of
the people who craft it..."

Picking Colors
Your furniture must be fit for purpose, it has to be the right style and the right size. We
have the styles to suit all requirements. Modern, Contemporary, Retro, Hamptons, Outdoor,
Traditional, Floral, Modern, Seaside, Poolside.
Side Sofa
All furniture is made to order, if you need a special size we will make to
specific dimensions.
Patterned Fabrics
All quality here at Proud Furniture. You can choose from Charles Parsons, James Dunlop, Elliott Clarke, Profile, Mokum, Warwick, Wortley or Zepel with many compositions to choose from.
Polyesters, Linens, Cottons, plains, patterns and florals. Many of these fabrics are rated heavy commercial. All loose seat and back cushions are fully upholstered and reversible.
Colorful Leather
At Proud Furniture we only use full leathers supplied by NSW Leather, Leather Italia or Shann. We do not use inferior leathers such as split, bonded or bi-cast. Our furniture is fully upholstered in leather, we do not make sofas where the non wear areas are upholstered in a different material (known as half-half). We have a full collection of corrected grain, full grain, aniline and semi aniline leathers to choose from.
Samples of foam rubber component in furn
We only use Dunlop foams made in Australia with a minimum Ten year warranty, premium foams are warranted for the lifetime of the sofa. We can tailor the softness or firmness of the foam to suit your requirements.
Kids Playing on the Couch
We only use Warwick Black Cat Webbing with a minimum Ten year warranty.
Image by moto moto sc
All our frames are made from Australian pine with Ten year warranty.
Carpenter Craftmanship Carpentry Handicr
Furniture manufacture is not simple, it requires skills in frame building, sewing and upholstery. At Proud Furniture we only use the most experienced craftsmen and women.
Furniture Designer


Our furniture is supported by care programs with extended warranties on both fabric and leather sofas available.


Care products to keep your furniture in tip top condition are available.

Wooden Bed


We often hear tales of woe from customers who have purchased elsewhere. “We bought something that we didn’t know was made overseas, now it has fallen apart and we can’t get it fixed”, “We bought a sofa that we thought was full leather and it isn’t”, the list is endless.


Proud Furniture has been around a long time and is not going anywhere. We have access to all the people and skills than can service your furniture if necessary.

Fresh Bedroom


We provide the maximum warranties available in the furniture industry.

  • Frame 10 years.

  • Stitching 10 years.

  • Seat webbing 10 years.

  • Seating foam minimum 10 years with many warranted for the lifetime of the furniture.

  • Sofa bed mechanisms 1 year.

  • Recliner mechanisms and triggers 1 year.

  • Lift chair and electric recliner mechanisms 1 year.